Over the last three days I’ve had the pleasure of talking SEO and Online Copyrighting at the huge MODA fashion show at the NEC in Birmingham. This is a monster of a show that features 100’s of brands all showing off their wares for the new season. I spotted a few nice cardigans!

The first thing I want to do is thank the press team who put together the best press room I’ve ever visited. With my first career being in radio I’ve spent many hours in green rooms and press rooms and they are usually drab places with hardly any chance of getting a decent glass of water let alone coffee. At MODA there was a lot of coffee, biscuits and even a few Quality Street thrown in so a big thank you to the team who made me feel really welcome.

On the first day I had the delight of meeting a bunch of very talented people on a PR/Marketing panel hosted by Jonny Ross who runs an SEO, web design and social media consultancy.

Other experts on the panel were Nathan Rouse from Nathan Rouse PR and Beki Knowles from adpr.com and we had the chance to chat about how PR can help a small business, the importance of local search and how to manage social media so you don’t feel swamped and out of breath.

Day 2 gave me the chance to host an eCommerce panel featuring the following experts:

Shopping BasketLiz Hitchens an eCommerce Consultant.
Simon from eCommerce design studio Dilligent Commerce.
Luke from Re-Channel who specialise in stock control for fashion suppliers & brands.
Micheal from Top To Toe a multi channel stock control solution retailers.

The main focus of the panel was to talk about how important mobile eCommerce is becoming and how all online stores need to become responsive and mobile friendly. I did a quick hand show to see who was already mobile friendly and there were not too many hands going up. Hopefully a few shop redesigns will be under way soon.

I managed to mention one of my favourite(!) topics, 301 redirects and how important they are if you’re having a website redesign. Check out my podcast about this topic.

We also chatted a little about omni-channel sales where retailers can sell from many different places under one brand. Right now you can easily have an online store, bricks & mortar shop, Ebay and Amazon outlets all combined under one name and run by some clever software.

On the final day I had the chance to present an SEO and Product Writing workshop that ran over by 15 minutes, sorry. It was well received and offered a lot of help and advice to new and old online retailers. Duplicate content was a big talking point and becoming mobile friendly.

The main thing I got from the 3 days was how mobile shopping is playing on retailers minds and some are a little worried that they may fall by the wayside. Its not difficult to take advantage of mobile and getting a responsive website redesign is a great step forward…… don’t forget the 301 redirects!!