A brand new Marketing podcast is coming soon to a podcasting app near you so hit those buttons above this text and subscribe so you don’t miss out on top notch Digital Marketing advice and help.

Starting in early 2019 I’ll be publishing interviews with industry experts focusing on Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Blogging, Technical Marketing, Email Marketing and much more.

I’ve been podcasting for around 3 years and ran a popular digital marketing tips podcast for quite a while but it eventually ran its course, the tips got harder to think up and I started repeating things. It had come to a natural end.

There are so many marketing podcasts out there I didn’t just want to do the same thing. A lot of the podcasts are experts talking to experts and the conversationĀ sometimes carries too much detail for the everyday marketeer or business owner who’s working on a budget and doesn’t have a huge team around them.

My angle is to try and offer help that appeals to you…. the marketing exec, manager or business owner who wants to learn more and do digital better.

I’m really excited to start interviewing some interesting people over the next few weeks and months and also return to my first love of radio… little known fact I worked in the radio industry for over 10 years a long time ago!

If you have any questions then say hello on Twitter or fire off a contact form.