The new tips podcast is live now! Get a in-depth look at all the weeks SEO & Social Media Tips.

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Here’s the tips.

  1. Do some keyword research. It’s easy to rank 1st for something nobody searches for.
  2. Listen to topics on social media to find new things to blog about.
  3. Add unique Title Tags & Meta Descriptions to ALL pages. It still helps your SEO & it’s good for social too.
  4. Don’t measure web traffic. Measure goals.
  5. Take part in HashTag Hours. They can be fun, get you some business & exposure.
  6. Keep your URL structure short & descriptive.
  7. Keywords are now phrases. They are multiple words. Write descriptive content to hit these searches.
  8. Monitor blog RSS feeds to find content that you can share with your followers.
  9. Don’t focus on Algorithms & Google. Focus on creating things online that people really want.
  10. If you want everyone to see a Twitter reply put some text or a . before the @ name.