Its time for 10 more SEO & Social Media Tips!

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  1. Create nicer filter names for your online store. Bestsellers – Trending – New In – Arrivals – Summer Selection
  2. Facebook has 844 million daily mobile users. Create great content that’s easy to digest. Video is a must!
  3. Write down customer support questions and answer them on your website. Phone calls means the website is missing something.
  4. Develop a brand personality. Create a voice & attitude to connect better with your customers.
  5. Run a quality quiz or survey to generate interest across platforms & it may also attract some links.
  6. Experiment more with your content. Does something very different & don’t worry if it doesn’t work!
  7. Create buyers guides to answer customer questions. Offer it as an eBook download.
  8. Add video to your shop’s products pages. Show off your stock & make your pages more exciting.
  9. Cross promote your social media. Mention Facebook on Twitter & Pinterest on Google+
  10. Links are a by product of great marketing. Look at things holistically to generate sales, awareness & links.