Its time for more tips!

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This is what you can hear about this week:

  1. Google issues penalties for spammy Schema code. Test your code & don’t use it to try & manipulate results.
  2. New reports says 87% of Facebook customer messages are ignored. Use software to monitor pages & set up notifications.
  3. Use Fetch As Google in the Search Console to get your page added quickly to the index.
  4. Don’t ignore Google+. Its not dead yet & engagement is better than Facebook & Twitter.
  5. Develop an SEO mindset when working on your website. Focus on what’s best for the user & not the search engine.
  6. Don’t spread yourself too thin on Social Media. A great job on a few is better than being poor on all.
  7. Use the nofollow tag on all advertising you buy or sell. Buying links is against Google’s T&C’s.
  8. Add a Password Security section to your social media policy. Write down when passwords should be changed.
  9. Don’t use many hide/show tabs on your website. Give content to your users immediately & don’t make them click to read content.
  10. Leave space for a Retweet. Twitter adds RT: name to retweets & it uses up characters.

That’s it for this week…. np along next Friday for another instalment.