Even though its a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK, the tips still keep coming!

Here’s all my SEO and Social Media tips for the week ending 3rd April.

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  1. Listen on social media for questions about the products you sell.
  2. Check analytics for popular mobile devices used to view your site. Then do some testing, make sure it looks OK.
  3. Write exciting & descriptive product descriptions. Sell benefits not features & don’t copy & paste!
  4. Don’t forget share buttons on your website. AddThis or ShareThis make it easy to add them.
  5. Don’t hide javascript & css in your robots.txt file. Let the search engines crawl the code.
  6. Make the most of the brands that you sell. Blog about them & have a ‘brand’ week.
  7. Hold a Twitter competition to generate engagement, interest & more followers.
  8. Create your own #HashTag for your campaigns and track engagement.
  9. You can now embed Facebook public video’s in your website just like YouTube.
  10. Never ever think your website is finished. Keep adding, improving and keeping it fresh.