Here’s this weeks SEO & Social Media tips to help you create a better website and more ‘social’ media.

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  1. Twitter usernames can be up to 15 characters long. Keep them short, memorable & easy to speak.
  2. The Google Panda update has started. Watch your stats but it could take months to roll out.
  3. Schedule social media posts. Not all of them though, and be there to respond.
  4. Don’t copy & paste manufacturers product descriptions into your store. Create something original targeted at your customers.
  5. Increase loyalty by offering customers rewards for engaging on Social Media. Not all the time but once in a while.
  6. Check your web forms to make sure they are mobile friendly, not too long & easy to fill in.
  7. How many posts per day? In a perfect world; 4 on Twiter, 2 on Facebook, 5 on Pinterest, 1 on LinkedIn
  8. “Views are my own” won’t always get you out of trouble. Encourage staff to create Professional Social Media accounts & pages
  9. If you’re launching a new site then set it up as https for a little bit of extra help in Google & more trust with your visitors.
  10. Start working on your Xmas pages now. Make sure Google has time to index and rank them.