Here’s an in-depth look at the weeks SEO and Social Media tips for the week ending 29th May.

I hope they are useful and you can find all the latest tips on Twitter or my Facebook page.


  1. Blog about your mistakes & show others how to put things right.
  2. Your title tag is seen externally in search results & on social media. Make it count!
  3. Offer Social Media as one of your customer support contacts.
  4. Try and get 400 words minimum on your page. Google & users love text…. but don’t waffle!
  5. Feature your customers & case studies on social media.
  6. Use JustUnfollow to see who’s left you. Analyse the leavers & change change tactics if you need to.
  7. Use @yoast #SEO plugin for #Wordpress to get get better control over your pages.
  8. Live Tweet your next event. Set up a test account to practice first.
  9. Follow Google Webmaster on YouTube for stacks of video advice.
  10. Cross promote across your social media. You’re on multiple platforms, so are your customers.