Here’s an in-depth look at the weeks SEO & Social Media tips from my Twitter feed.

You may hear the dogs paws on the wooden floor during tip 1 and 2…. she was pacing and wondering why I was talking to myself .

Enjoy the tips and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for new tips every day.

  1. Every page is a landing page. Even the ones you don’t think of like 404’s, faq’s, categories etc. Make them count!
  2. Facebook launch Author Tag. Add some code to your website to tell FB who the author is & the tag shows in posts.
  3. Creating great in-depth content helps to target long tail key phrases.
  4. Create a voice for your social media that customers can identify with.
  5. Delete rubbish pages on your website. Focus on quality & not quantity. Google Panda will be refreshed soon.
  6. Use Feedly to monitor your industry blogs & easily curate new content for posting on Social Media.
  7. Google updated their core algorithm on 1st May. Look at Analytics & Search Console to see if you were affected.
  8. Check your Facebook Page profile and fill in EVERYTHING!
  9. Check your robots.txt file for errors & make sure its not blocking the code that creates your page.
  10. Create a disaster recovery plan for your social media. Just in case!