Here’s 10 more tips! Listen to an in-depth look at the weeks SEO & Social Media Tips that you can find on my Twitter Page every day.

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  1. Turn old blog posts into Linkedin content but give them a quick edit first.
  2. Watch your rankings over the next few weeks. Google could be updating the Panda algorithm very soon.
  3. Social media engagement is great but don’t worry if you don’t get it. People are still looking.
  4. Don’t be wallpaper. Make sure you create & share outstanding content.
  5. If you move premises. Make sure ALL name & address details across the web are changed. Do a search for yourself.
  6. Set up store category filters for more than just price & colour. Use trends, seasons, best sellers for a better experience.
  7. Recording Webinars will help create authority. You can set them up for free & then turn them into great content.
  8. Use Google auto suggest to find new phrases to include in your content.
  9. Do a regular mobile usability check. Updates, plugins & new styles can sometimes effect the experience
  10. You don’t have to call a blog a blog. It can be news, magazine, journal, edition…..