Another week and even more SEO and Social Media tips. All the tips on this weeks podcast are up to the week ending 24th April 2015.

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  1. Trouble writing product descriptions? List the features then explain the benefits of each one.
  2. Find your latest inbound links in Webmaster Tools. Go to Links to Your Site & under Who Links The Most click More.
  3. Connect your blogs RSS feed to your social media. Have you new articles automatically posted.
  4. Before you start a social media campaign decide on what your goals are.
  5. Blog Idea. Interview your staff & get them to answer customer questions. Could be video, audio or text.
  6. Deal with negative comments quickly. Remove abuse & react to complaints as fast as possible.
  7. Having trouble targeting your customers? Create a Persona for your writing.
  8. Remember to cross link your content. It helps visitors find more pages & get the information they want.
  9. Use Related Items on your shopping cart. It helps shoppers find new products & reduces your bounce rate.
  10. Remove anything that slows your page down. Think about mobile browsers and get rid of clutter.

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