Another week goes by and another 10 SEO & Social Media Tips makes its way to the podcast page.

Here’s all my tips for the week ending 19th June 2015.

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  1. Facebook changes its feed algorithm & looks at time spent on articles. Create some engaging posts.
  2. Avoid targeting multiple locations & cities on the same page. Build specific pages for each location.
  3. Twitter scraps 140 character rule for direct messages. Encourage DM’s and get more engagement with your customer support.
  4. Know your visitors & what they are looking for then give it to them!
  5. Facebook launches Shopify Buy Now button. Another channel for you to look at for more sales.
  6. Good writing in essential for SEO. Go on a course, write loads for practice or hire a copywriter.
  7. Have a staff-focus week on Social Media. Pick one member of staff and tell people a bit more about them each day.
  8. Use the Search Queries information in Google Search Console to find out what people search for, average positions & CTR.
  9. Try something different with your content on Social Media. Be bold and get out of your comfort zone.
  10. If you’re not sure about your SEO then ask. There are lots of forums offering advice & information.