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  1. Use to get better insights to your Twitter account.
  2. Check your backlinks & get rubbish ones removed or disavowed. All your backlinks should be worthy links.
  3. Keep your language simple on social media. Be concise & easy to understand.
  4. Use product schema in your shopping cart to tell the search engines this IS a product.
  5. Always be positive on social media. Never argue, moan complain even if you really feel like it.
  6. Put bloggers on your press release list. They are the new media, need content & will write about you.
  7. Forget about the Keywords tag. Google doesn’t use it so save yourself a bit of time.
  8. Social Media engagment works both ways. Don’t wait for it to come to you… go and do it yourself.
  9. Ignore PageRank – its a tiny part of the Google algorithm. Focus the time on creating a better website.
  10. Add the Pinterest Pin It button to your browser. Its much quicker to post what you find online.