Its time for this weeks SEO & Social Media tips. Every week I bring you an in-depth look at all my weekly tips and you can find see the tips first on my Twitter account.

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Here’s the tips:

1. Don’t laugh! Put your social media tags on the back of customer toilet doors. Ask them for a follow while they have a moment 🙂

2. Use a power or sell word like New, Improved or Eco-Friendly in your Meta Title tag to make is more clickable

3. Work on more than one blog post at a time to keep the flow going. Having 4 half done is better than nothing at all

4. Plan your Tweets & Facebook posts ahead of events & campaigns. You’ll have better ideas & it will be less of a rush

5. Some retailers reporting 60% – 70% off Xmas traffic was mobile. Make sure you are very mobile friendly now

6. Deploy some caching plugins on your CMS to make sure your page speed is top notch

7. A high bounce rate is not always bad. You may have answered all the visitors questions but generally you’d like more than one page view

8. Cross link your content & use simple navigation to reduce your bounce rate

9. 40% of people respond better to visual information than plain text

10. Microsoft OneNote is a great tool for planning blog content. Keep everything in one spot & work on your drafts.