A slightly slightly shorter podcast this week because of the Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK so there’s 8 tips instead of 10. I took my own advice from a tip a couple of weeks ago to have a screen free weekend!

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Here’s this weeks tips!

1. Make sure you reply to everyone who mentions you on Social Media. It really helps build better relationships.

2. Don’t over optimise the text of an inbound link (anchor text). Just linking your web address or company name is fine.

3. Blog Idea. Write a response to a major blogs post. Argue the toss, put your points forward & let them know.

4. Build your website with SEO in mind. Have control over tags & build in Schema code.

5. Start getting your Pinterest boards ready for Xmas. Look at specific gift ideas & make pinning others content part of your policy.

6. Turn your FAQ’s or support section into great content. Write great tags, research key phrases & share on social media.

7. Instagram now allows horizontal content which means great images & widescreen video.

8. Set aside some time each day to engage with your followers. Share their posts & build relationships.