Its time for 10 more SEO & Social Media tips that you can download for later or listen to right now!

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Here’s the tips!

1. Xmas is nearly here. Start planning social media campaigns & creating content calendars NOW!

2. Be careful how many adverts you have around the top of the your website. Too many ads can effect your rankings.

3. Appearing at a business event? Follow the events followers to drum up visitors to your stand.

4. Don’t use hidden text on your website. Make sure EVERYTHING is for the user & not just the search engine.

5. Create some educational content & teach your visitors something. It doesn’t have to be highbrow, just make it worthwhile.

6. Don’t panic about the number of back-links you have. Its quality & not quantity that counts.

7. Check out Google+ communities for networking & making connections. Watch out for the blog post spam!

8. Content ideas are like gold! Use @pocket to store ideas that you find when surfing then dip in & be inspired.

9. Don’t forget to add your sitemap.xml file to Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools.

10. When writing ecommerce product descriptions think about why you bought the product & write about it.