Its time for another 10 SEO & Social Media tips thankfully record before the Manflu so hopefully they sound OK!

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Here’s the tips:

1. Set up phone notifications or a separate email folder for social media mentions. Don’t miss a customer question.

2. Ecommerce blog idea. Set up a lifestyle feature & photograph/video your products being used.

3. Don’t forget you can perform local searches on Twitter for more targeted listening.

4. If your site is multi language/country then use hreflang to tell the search engines which page is which.

5. Attention shops! Don’t forget to mention your opening hours on social media.

6. Make your sharing buttons prominent & easy to use. Test them yourself on desktop & mobile.

7. Google says if you keep on spamming & breaking their rules you may have even more trouble getting ranked!

8. Make sure your contact page has ALL your contact info. Use Data Highlighter to tell Google your details.

9. 4 out of 5 social media posts should engage, inform or entertain. Use the 5th to shout about your products.

10. Use Google Analytics to find your most popular pages on mobile & then test these pages out for yourself.