Its time for this weeks SEO & Social Media tips. Please excuse the voice this week as Man Flu has struck!

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Here’s the tips!

1. Google’s customer is the searcher. Create something of quality so Google WANTS to show it to them

2. You can now extend Twitter Polls for up to 7 days. Use them during events for generating feedback

3. Voice search is increasing. Make sure your website is a font of knowledge. Answer all your customers questions

4. Blogging idea. Create some episodic content around a theme. Excite your readers & get them waiting for episode 2.

5. Creating more pages won’t help you rank better. Work on existing pages to make them the best you can

6. If you’re having a website redesign go https and get a teeny bit of ranking help

7. Video accounts for around 50% of mobile traffic. Its easier to watch than read on mobile

8. Partner with a local company to create a free eBook. Share on your website & social media

9. Google Panda now part of the main Google Algorithm. This doesn’t change much. Focus time on quality pages

10. Be your customer. Think how they think when creating content for web & social