Its time for this weeks SEO & Social Media tips. Every week I bring you an in-depth look at all my weekly tips and you can find see the tips first on my Twitter account.

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Here’s the tips:

1. Google may be having a big update right now. Check your stats from over the last week & look for changes.

2. Create a product care section on your site. Its great content for Google & answers your customers questions.

3. Check your sitemap.xml page and see if its being updated. If its not then get it fixed!

4. Stop talking about yourself on your blog. Inform, educate, entertain & solve problems.

5. If you can control the URL’s of your pages then make them short, snappy & readable

6. Beef up your blog & social media images. Create new images, drawings and take photo’s yourself. Be different!

7. Don’t forget the META Description tag on all pages. Its still important. Don’t copy & paste, keep it original.

8. To make social media work you need to be where your customers are. Don’t just pick your favourite platforms.

9. Check your line spacing on mobile phones. If links appear close together make sure you can’t click the wrong one.

10. Don’t use social media as an advertising platform. Concentrate on building relationships over time.