Back to 10 SEO & Social Media tips after last weeks slightly shorter version.

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Here’s this weeks tips!

1. Don’t delete old rubbish blog posts! Rewrite them and treat them as new.

2. Move non essential Javascript to the bottom of your pages to speed things up for your visitor.

3. Engage with influencers but not just A list ones. Lots of people right down to local levels have influence.

4. Blog Idea. Create a big list of something. A top 20 or 40. People love lists & they perform well.

5. Content marketing works with B2B. White papers, research case studies are all great content for web & social.

6. Social Media success can take a while. Its not instant but working on a strategy is essential.

7. If you’ve created a complicated web page use Google Search Console’s Fetch & Render to make sure its mobile friendly.

8. If you find you’re Title Tag is too long you may be doing too much on the page. Split into 2 & write very specific content.

9. Smartphone penetration at 77% & most popular apps are Social Media. Its a MUST to be mobile friendly & social.

10. Add Sharing Restrictions to you Social Media Policy. Its helps managers know where the line is for retweets & sharing.