On Page Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Website Report

SEO ReportWith all the major search engines placing user experience and quality of content as an important part of their ranking algorithms, developing a search engine friendly website is more important than ever before but…

…a search engine friendly website today is a LOT different to what it used to be 5 years ago.

My On Page Search Engine Optimisation report will check your site for usability, content, structure, errors and problems. I focus on ‘how to improve’ more than ‘what is wrong’.

Please note I report on website up to 100 pages – please contact me for a quote if you’re bigger than that.

This is a HUMAN created report – not automated!

This is what I check

  • Links Check
    I’ll take a look at the internal & external links on your website and create a report of file not found errors and other issues.
  • Title Tag Check
    Too short, too long, not informative or missing. I’ll take a good look at your title tags and provide the best advice.
  • META Description Check
    I’ll do the same for your description tags which are really important to your search visibility.
  • Content Checks
    I’ll look through your pages and report on areas like H1/H2 tags, alt tags and general quality of the content.
  • Technical Checks
    Looking at the code of your website I’ll look for problems and make notes on areas that can be improved.
  • Navigation
    This is a very important part of your site and I’ll look at your navigation from a users perspective and spot problems and offer advice.

And there’s more!

The checks I make are too many to talk about in the bullets points but I’ll also look at canonical issues, schema tags, site speed, URL’s, HTML validation, sitemaps, various META tags and more. I’ll provide you with a quality report backed up with spreadsheet data so you can start improving the searchability of your website.

You’ll also receive advice on keywords and phrases and how researching and writing is different now to how it was five years ago.

£150 per site

This is a HUMAN created report for websites up to 100 pages!
Its NOT automated.
Advice & opinion is based on 17 years experience in the web design & SEO world.

Just get in touch to order a report. I’ll email you an invoice & payment details.
Once payment is made I’ll provide the report within 7 days, usually quicker.

Feel free to contact me with ANY questions.

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